Friday, February 14, 2014

Improvisation Lab Presentation -Using objects in improvisation

Saturday night was presentation night here in the studio!
For the past three Saturdays we had an improvisation lab going on at the studio, instructed by our staff teacher Drosia Triantaki. The lab was about objects in improvisation –ways to use them, how they can change the way the dancer moves, what is their relationpship with the dancer and the space.
The lab was addressed to dance students, actors and people who are interested in movement and improvisation. Each participant brought their own object that they wanted to experiment with in order to create a short solo dance. And this past Saturday they got to present their work to a small audience of friends and dance-classmates!
It was really interesting to see their presentation and their object choices. Each solo was very personal, reflecting a lot about the student’s personality in so many ways: from the choice of the object, to the placement in space, to the movement phrasing and choreographic composition, each one had their own story to tell. 

See more fotos from the presentation here and fotos from last year's impro lab here!

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