Friday, March 14, 2014

Guest teacher: Sonia Ntova

Last week we invited Sonia Ntova to give three contemporary dance classes, here at KINOUME dance studio.

Sonia Ntova is a Greek performer, choreographer and teacher based in Zurich. She has graduated as a contemporary and classical dance teacher/dancer from Superior Academy of Dance of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. It is the second time she teaches as a guest in our studio.
Her class approaches basic principles of Somatics, applying at the same time the meaning of the liquid/ fluid element in the body, by combining elements of Limon and Release Techniques. She focuses on studying body mechanisms that allow us, to reach physical extremities, while protecting our body ath the same time. She uses a lot the notion of water dynamics to introduce a body research based on the status of water movement, as it configures life in the body but in the wider world as well. That's why she oftens entitles her workshops 'water madness'!

 You can find samples of Sonia's artistic work on vimeo.

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