Tuesday, April 01, 2014

March in the studio

Our March' events posters!
March was pretty busy here at the studio. We had the last two meetings of our kids workshop I am (not) the bad guy -the kids became directors, actors and assistants and shoot their own short movie. We can't wait to watch it , once the editing is done!

We also had two guest teachers to give contemporary dance workshops: Sonia Ntova in the beginning of the month...
and Eddie Lame for the last weekend.
We also:
-celebrated the great women of dance on International Womens' day and the International Poetry day with a quote by Rumi
-watched a couple of interesting dance films at the Documentary Film Festival of Thessaloniki
-made and wore the traditional march bracelets made from red and white thread!
The calendar was made and gifted by a group of talented friends -architects, designers and artists.

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