Sunday, May 18, 2014

Theater rehearsals -Papalangi theater company

The past few weeks Papalangi theater company has been hosted for morning rehearsals here at the studio!

Papalangi theater company is a nomadic, constantly alternating group, that is gathered together every time its members feel the need of sharing something and communicating it with an audience. Coordinator and instigator of the group is director Tasos Aggelopoulos. (Tasos was also instructor of our kids' theater and cinema workshop I am (not) the bad guy!)

The company's main interest is to present theater in public, urban, non-theatrical spaces. Their novelty is that in doing that, they don't use common street theater practices -like circus or acrobatics. They present conventional theater pieces, with plot and dialogues, always taking into consideration the particularities of each public space chosen. The company also develops and instructs educational workshops around theater and cinema for kids and teenagers.

Up to now they have presented four plays, in spaces like classrooms, city squares, pedestrian streets, the old railway station in Thessaloniki, alternative theater spaces etc. The plays they choose usually deal with diversity, addressing issues like sexuality, racism, migration and generally the ways personal stories and choices are affected by social norms. Their current production is based on Martin Sperr's 'Hunting Scenes from Lower Bavaria'.

Music instructions by composer Kostas Vomvolos.

Kostas Vomvolos (music instructor), Tasos Aggelopoulos (director)
and Rodia Vomvolou (director's assistant).
You can find more info about Papalangi theater company and their activities in their website and their facebook page.

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