Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Bechtschinar -a street performance

excerpts from Bechtschinar at 1:58-3:18 :)

Back in June, we participated in the action West Side Story, organised by Parallaxi and Thessaloniki alliws. It was a weekend full of events: artists from different disciplines -dance, theater, music, architecture, photography and graffiti- accepted the invitation of the team of Thessaloniki alliws, in order to revive a mostly neglected region of our city.
The piece we presented was a street performance inspired by the history of Bechtschinar area -a mostly unkown area that has undergone many changes through the city history.
Here is the text accompanying the piece:
A place we are not familiar with, a place in constant transition. How can we talk about what was there long time before us? How can we describe a place that never had a stable identity in time? How can we dig into a memoty -the memory of space?
An empty street -pieces of peoples' stories and relationship that once existed, but don't exist anymore. Scattered images and memories -separation, encounter, thought expresses through 'rempetiko' music. Successive images that tell short stories -neutrally, with no nostalgic intention. Pieces of a puzzle, which form a memory that didn't exist before.
The performance was co-created in collaboration with die Wolke art group, a company under the direction of our staff teacher Drosia Triantaki
To perform this piece was a fun and rewarding experience for us! Big thanks to everyone who was on Sapfous street on that summer evening and of course to our dancers!

You can find more photos here and a video withall the events here!

performance info:
Bechtschinar -a street performance
Dancers: Drosia Triantaki (die Wolke) and KINOYME studio students
Music: Io-Servane Le Moller (accordion), Sila Lappa (violin)
Acting: Eleni Logkou

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