Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Guest teacher: Baris Mihci -axis syllabus workshop

This week we are hosting an Axis Syllabus workshop with Baris Mihci.
Here is the workshop description:
"Out of the Center" -interactions between Center and periphery
Defining a centre in movement research always has been of interest; a place where movement is generated or channeled. In this workshop we will examine our dances through the experience of an interactive exchange between central and peripheral body parts and try to get a more precise idea about a mechanical location of the Center of the body. I invite you to question and explore the validity of "Center-concepts" as we dance using various material and approaches.
It is the third time Baris is giving a  workshop at the studio and we are always glad to have him here! You can see photos from last year's workshop here and you can find here more info about the workshop and Baris Mihci.

And here are some more links about the Axis Syllabus:

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