Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let's be adventurers!

This Friday we invite you to be adventurers in Oxygono! A music-and-movement workshop for kids 4-6 years old with Stella Mastorosteriou, based on the book The Adventurers by Rachel Elliot (greek edition by Metaixmio).
From the back cover:
It's cold outside and snow is falling. Inside the fire is warm. The child, the velvet cat, the blue elephant and the rocking horse are warm and sleepy. 'Let's go adventuring!' says the child. Come with these adorable characters on an adventure around the world, through snow-capped mountains and across stormy seas as they weave their own adventure through a shared narrative. This is a contemporary classic with breathtaking illustrations from Argentinian talent, Valeria Docampo. "The Adventurers" is the perfect book to explore the freedom of the imagination and the joy of sharing stories with one child or many.
You can find out more about the workshop here (link in greek) and win a copy of the book (in greek) here! And here are some more posts on our kids activities!
So, are you ready for adventure?

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