Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas mood in the studio!

Holidays are almost here and we haven't yet shared our christmas decorations... so here we go!

Our christmasy windowsill, complete with christmas lights, christmas wreath, knitted christmas tree (handmade and gifted to us!), nutcrackers, ballerina ball etc., etc.!
We also love to hang ornaments across our windows all over the studio... and enjoy some random christmas shadows on a sunny day!

Last but not least, our origami-star wreath, outside our front door!
The DIY is quite simple: make a few dozens of stars (we followed this tutorial), lay them out on the floor to find the combination you like, tape them on your door!

We are enjoying our chrismas ambience along with some peppermint scented coffee by Murati do Brasil Cafe, until Tuesday, our last day of classes for 2014!


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!
    WISH YOU THE BEST FOR 2015 !!!!

    1. Happy new year! (better late than never...) Best wishes to you! :)