Monday, February 16, 2015

Dancing dreams -on the big screen


Dancing Dreams –in the footsteps of Pina Bausch is a documentary film by Anna Linsel and Rainer Hoffmann, about one of the last projects of German choreographer Pina Bausch.

In 2008 she chose 40 teenagers, from different social backgrounds and with no dancing experience, for a restage of her work Kontakthoff, which was originally premiered in 1978. For a year, the young dancers would meet once a week with the choreographer and her team to rehearse for the play. The movie follows them during that period and documents the rehearsals process and also the interactions and relationships that form amongst this heterogeneous group, as the teenagers discover the language of dance and their own performing abilities. It is a fun and at the same time moving film, which gives some insight to Pina Bausch’s working process with her dancers and collaborators.

Thessaloniki Cinema Club is hosting a screening of the film, tonight at Fargkani movie theater –a rare opportunity to watch it on the big screen! Watch the trailer here.


In 2000, in a similar project, Pina Baush staged a version of Kontakthoff with ladies andgentlemen over 65.

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