Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Moving Cities -short films about dance and the cities

Moving Cities is a series of short films, created by director Jevan Chowdhury, artistic director of Wind & Foster creative studio in London.

The project begun in January 2014 and so far has travelled to five cities: London, Paris, Jerevan, Brussels and Prague. Right now they are shooting the sixth movie in Athens! In each city, he casts local dancers from various genres –ballet, contemporary, hip hop, traditional local dance etc.- and has them improvise right into the hustle and traffic of the city. Shooting the film usually takes three to four days.
Using dance and the moving body as medium, Chowdhury attempts to trace each city and conceive its essence and sensation.  He doesn’t confine to simply recording the dance or mapping the city, but he aims to reconstruct an image of the city through the movement of its inhabitants. He uses dance as a global language, which transcends the limitations of race, age and place. It is not about choreographing a dance film, but about allowing each dance be a gateway of emotions that exist in a specific place, on a specific time.
All movies share the same black and white aesthetics but each one is different. Black and white image helps to visually simplify the urban environment, so that the viewer can focus on the dancers. The result is an experimental dialogue between dancers and their cities –an observation of the cities with a magical realist touch.
You can see more color frames and some of the deleted scenes on the Moving Cities facebook page.

Also, notice how fun are the passer-bys’ looks and reactions! How do you react when you encounter dancing in public?

all images in this post are from the Moving Cities facebook page

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