Monday, February 02, 2015

Planet Dance -mini video series

The Place recently launched a short series of films, that has since been widely shared and popular throughout the dance world. It is called Planet Dance –A visitor’sguide to contemporary dance and it addresses some common questions on contemporary dance:

Is it one style or many? How does it relate to other kinds of dance? Does it have a particular meaning? Does it have something to communicate to me? How can I understand it?

Presented like a travel guide to a strange planet with some strange, constantly moving 'humanoid' inhabitants, these brilliant videos are fun and easy to watch while simply explaining some fundamental concepts and ideas on dance. The script is written by dance writer and critic Sanjoy Roy and the beautifully simple animation is by Magali Charrier. They have done a great job in illustrating a wide, free and ever-changing notion of contemporary dance. Here are some screenshots, along with some of our favorite quotes!

True, the planet can look a little alien and its inhabitants can behave oddly, but just remember: dancers are humanoids, just like you!

The whole place is on the move. Don’t be surprised: dancers are always moving. That’s what they do!
In fact, the one thing these dancers have in common is their love of travelling. They like exploring. Finding new places, discovering new things. {…} They come here because it’s a place which prizes experimentation, invention and non-conformity. They are a mixed and unsettled group.

Watching dance gives you an inner dancer!

It doesn’t work like language because it’s not something you understand –it’s something you feel, something you recognize.

It is a great introduction to the world of dance for anyone who has no clue on it and a great guide for all of us who are still figuring it out…

Have you watched these? What are your own definitions and thoughts on contemporary dance?

Also, Sanjoy Roy about writing the script and how Planet Dance is related to Planet of the Apes!

all photos in this post are screencapts from the Planet Dance videos

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