Thursday, February 05, 2015

What can fit inside a room?


photo: en dynamei
What can fit inside a room? There are rooms that are filled with talking pillows, magic carpet beds, wedding gowns and grass for picnics, thirty absorbers, bulldozers, basketball nets, audio consoles and babies, the circus and its colorful tent, the sky and the clouds, the whole forest and its animals…There are rooms filled with stories, friends and hugs, smiles and tears… 
Ten rooms in a museum. Every room is different; every room is filled with thoughts, desires and dreams. There is a story inside each room –there are many stories inside each room. Everyone has their own room – inside these rooms no one is lonely .

En dynamei (translation: potential) is an independent group of young people with special abilities, a group of disabled and non disabled young people, volunteers, parents and friends, based in Thessaloniki. En dynamei is a big family with open hearts, tight hugs and large smiles.

Their new project Home? –The little house is currently presented at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki. It is a ‘live’ installation, the outcome of an artistic research on the notion of personal space. Through interviews, architectural models, videos, photos and sceneries they attempts to answer questions like:
Where would you like to live? How do you imagine your dream space? Where do you feel most happiness, joy, confidence?

Group members shared their thoughts, ideas and desires about their dream space and worked together with large team –artists, scenographers, cinematographers, photographers etc. –in order to bring them to life through this amazing exhibition. Its real beauty though, can be found in the enthusiasm and the bright eyes of these young people, as they show us around the rooms of their dreams!

Find out more about the exhibition on their facebook page.

So, what can you fit inside your room?

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