Friday, March 06, 2015

Body of a Dancer

Body of a Dancer is a short film by Daniel Gallenkamp, a portrait of dancer Tim Persent.

Cinematic poem brings an ode to dancers and what they are able to do with their body, by showing what our eyes normally can’t see in real time. Shot on a Phantom high-speed camera, filming over a 1000 frames a second to create ultra slow motion.

The film researches the relationship of dancers with their bodies and addresses some main issues in dance –the relation of body and mind, how the use of thought and imagination can transform movement and finally, what is the definition of dance.

Tim Present, a mature dancer with more than 25 years of dancing experience, talks about his dancing body with wisdom, respect and gratitude. His words, though personal and intimate, appeal to all that have undertaken any practice that encourages body awareness –as is dance.

Here are some stills and quotes from the film:

My body is my instrument. I take good care of it. It has treated me well.
 I will talk to my fingers, ask them to relax, and imagine them to be further so that they reach out and become longer. By thinking an idea something will happen to the body.

...the mind that uses imagination, that gives personality, that brings that extra to a performer.
Dancing is the spirit made flesh, it physicalizes ideas, emotions, thoughts. That’s why it is beautiful, powerful and free.

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