Tuesday, April 21, 2015

MOVEment -a project on dance and fashion


Combining dance and fashion is not a new concept –in their long history they keep interacting and cooperating. Fashion has often inspired dance and dance –more than any other performative art- inspires fashion.

In 1924, Sergei Diaghilev assigned Coco Chanel to create the costumes for the performance Le Train Bleu -numerous designers have created dance costumes ever since. Conversely, in the last decade famous designers have invited dancers and choreographers to present their collections. This connection between fashion and dance is not incidental, as both art forms engage with the body, movement and the molding of one’s identity, both keep evolving, experimenting, provoking and questioning.

MOVEment is a new project that investigates this long term relationship and attempts to depict it using film as a medium.

Jefferson Hack in collaboration with AnOther Magazine created a series of seven short films. Designers, dancers and directors have collaborated in order to create stories and imagery that expands our perceptions of bodies, clothes and dance.
Our favorites are the poetic Fallen, a collaboration between Prada and dancers of Wuppertal Dancetheater and the graphic and stylized Mangekyou. Which are your favorites?

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all images in this post are captions form MOVEment project films

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