Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sarah and Duck meet the penguins -kids' workshop in OXYGONO

This Saturday, May 23th, we will be in OXYGONO with a music-and-movement workshop for little children, instructed by Stella Mastorosteriou and based on the book Sarah & Duck meet the penguins, by Sarah Gomes Harris.


The workshop combines movement, music and play. we will transform into penguins and we will play, dance and sing! We will use the book for music activities and movement improvisations and we will come up with small choreographies inspired by ideas and movements from the kids’ everyday activities!
Through music-and-movement activities, kids learn to recognize rhythm in movement and in music, to listen to the music and follow it as they dance. Through improvisation activities kids cultivate their imagination and creativity, discover their own personal way of moving and learn to recognize and respect each other’s diversity.

From the back cover:
Sarah and Duck are busy looking for something to do, but nothing seems quite right. Until, that is, Duck spots a picture of some penguins, which gives Sarah a very good idea...Join Sarah and Duck as they embark on a fun and quacky adventure!

For more info and registrations, visit OXYGONO.

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