Monday, December 28, 2015

6 feelgood movies to watch these holidays

During the holidays we all have some more time for cuddling on the sofa with some nice tea or hot chocolate and a good movie! Here are our favorite dance movies that are sure to leave you smiling and with an urge to dance!


Billy Elliot (2000)
More or less, we all know the name of the young boy that has come to be a synonym for talent in dance! The movie tell the story of eleven-year old Billy who discovers his love for dance that will change his life forever. Instead of boxing classes, Billy takes ballet classes, hiding it from his brother and father who is a mine worker during the great miners’ strike in Britain. Combining comedy, bittersweet humor and harsh reality, Billy Elliot is a movie about dreams and individuality.

Ballet Shoes (2007)
Three orphan girls grow up like sisters in an eccentric foster family in 1930’s London and support each other in the struggle to discover their own identity and curve their own paths. A heartfelt movie based on the novel by Noel Streatfeild.

Frances Ha (2012)
Frances is a 27 year old girl struggling to survive in New York without a job, but full of dreams and optimism –she struggles to make a career in modern dancing, to define her identity and attain the adulthood society expects of her.

The Full Monty (1997)
In small industrial town of Britain, six unemployed men –each with their own personal and family issues- decide to make money by putting on a striptease show. Despite all difficulties and criticism they encounter, the six men discover the power of friendship and teamwork, in an incredibly funny movie.

Rumba (2008)
Fiona and Dom are a couple of teacher that find happiness in small everyday moments and in their common passion: dancing. One night, after a successful dance competition, something happens that will change their lives… they deal with it with optimism, humor and love. A bittersweet story with hardly any dialogues!

Happy Feet (2006)
Deep in Antarctica, Emperor penguins are supposed to sing in order to find their mate. But on little penguin isn’t able to sing… but he sure can dance! A story on individuality and the power of believing in yourself!

What are your favorite dance movies?

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