Friday, December 11, 2015

Gift guide for dancers… and non-dancers!

Christmas is coming and we will soon be on the hunt for gifts for our loved ones. In our opinion a well-thought gift has at least one of the following traits:
  • is useful
  • is educating
  • is inspiring

With that in mind we created a gift guide for dancers… and non-dancers!

Dance gear
Starting with the obvious –because it just never is enough!
Out pick: Fairy Creations

Hair ties –because they always mysteriously disappear right before dance class.
Fun socks –because every dancer uses dozens of pairs every week: for contemporary class, warming at the barre, even over pointe shoes, an extra pair of fun socks is always handy!
Styling tip: wear mismatched socks for class!

Our pick: Happy Socks

Cozy handmade knits -for bundling up to head into the cold after class!
Cotton tote –to stash all their dance stuff.
Our pick: Fox and Tiger from Secret Caravan

Natural cosmetics –to pamper their skin after class.
Our pick: Apeiranthos

Notebook –for class notes, choreography ideas, workshop and audition dates, plans, thoughts and dreams.
Our pick: Second Floor Workshop
See ours here!

Lucky charm –for luck, inspiration and motivation!
Our pick: Mi madas ti margarita

Tea and herbs –because we never met a dancer who didn’t like tea!
Our pick: Tea Route

Inspiring books
Our picks: a photo album and a graphic novel.

Inspiring films
Our picks: a beautiful documentary and a poetic story narrated through movement rather than words.

Inspiring posters -beacuse when graphic designers and illustrators get inspired by dance, the result can be mesmerising!

Tickets to a dance performance. Choose from what your city has to offer. Don’t forget to check the smaller theaters –sometimes you’ll find hidden gems there!

Dance classes! Gift them their dance school membership or book a place to a dance workshop for them!
member cards

So, these are our picks! What else would you like to gift of receive this Christmas?

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